The Setting
Written by Malkav @ TwilightMUCK

TwilightMUCK is set in the present to near future in a large East Coast city of the United States. The name of the city has been, out of game, deliberately left unstated, and conversations you hear will gloss over this fact.

The geography and climate of the city is roughly like New York or Boston. Cold winters, warm and mild summers, a healthy amount of precipitation, a large harbor on the eastern end of the city at the mouth of a river which flows through the city. Because of the size and age of the city, both the harbor industry and some major corporations are located here.

The largest corporation based in the city is the MacRallia corporation. It has extensive holdings, both foreign and domestic; a substantial lobbying budget; and large legal, accounting, and investment departments. But nobody really knows what it is the corporation does. There are other corporations, such as Habitat, Encom, GenTech, and others, and plenty of smaller businesses within the city.

There is also a major university located in the city, teaching a wide variety of courses and bringing in college students from around the world. Located around the University are a number of businesses tailored to the student clientele, including an all-night coffee house and restaurant known as the Midnight Grill, and a coffee shop known as the Blending Inn. College students and people who enjoy their company can often be found in either place.

During the warmer months of the year, people tend to congregate in Talbot Park, south of the Central Transit Nexus. Here, people post public announcements, sit, talk, read, or meet others. In the colder months, people tend to congregate in the Central Transit Nexus itself, or go to one of the many restaurants, lounges, or other establishments in the city.

Gargoyle Square and the surrounding environment is a favorite residential area of the city. Located in the area are a number of lounges and restaurants for gathering. A favorite is Flynn's, located within the square, serving a cross-section of the population of the city, and enjoying a reputation for a marked lack of conflict within. Also nearby is the Gypsy Rose, a relaxed eating and socializing environment with longer hours of operation than Flynn's, as well as a number of other businesses.

17th street is the seedier side of the city. Few who aren't able to deal with trouble head there, and fewer still head there who aren't actively looking for trouble. A seedy bar, a tattoo parlor, and other businesses, some of questionable legitimacy, can be found there.

There are, of course, other areas within the city, waiting for you to check them out.

Some areas can be found outside the city which you may wish to explore. Among these are the noisy Phoenix Airfield, the very green Prospero Pointe, and the run-down Carpathia Street.

Of course, no city is complete without its dwellers. You'll find a wide variety of people here, and none of them is entirely what he seems. Sure, most people are actually human, but even they might be up to something which you can only guess at. The others... well, they walk among the humans, interact with the humans, but are not human, and nobody really knows what their agenda truly is. You may discover the truth... and regret it later.

That is the focus of the interactive environment of TwilightMUCK. The player characters each have their secrets, their hidden agendas, their true identities, some beautiful, some horriffic. The goals of one may conflict with the goals of another, and even when goals coincide, mistrust, prejudice, and fear can prevent characters from working together towards a common goal. The game is a game of politics, manipulation, personal struggles, emotions, and sometimes violence. And the goal is for all of the players of TwilightMUCK, through their characters, create complex, rich stories about life in this city where few things or people are what they seem.

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