Official Policy
Written by Malkav @ TwilightMUCK

With respect to player-to-player relations, always respect other people's feelings. If they want to be left alone, LEAVE THEM ALONE. If they don't like a plot, don't force them into it. Also, do not try to defeat MUCK code or policies, and try to remember you're a guest of the wizzes.

We do pay attention to what players do on other MUCKs. Serious infractions of conduct on other MUCKs that indicate the player involved is a potential threat to the security or well-being of Twilight MUCK or its users may result in sanction or removal of that player from Twilight MUCK.

Remember that this is a privately owned and operated MUCK. The MUCK administrator, Malkav, and site administrator, Tigerwolf, have the right to deny access to anyone for any reason. For our part, we do not anticipate having to deny access to any individual except for the reasons stated above, but special circumstances (ie, a real-life restraining order) may persuade us to make exceptions.

Also keep in mind that we are not providing a 'secure medium' for communications. We respect your privacy, but under the Electronic Privacy Act we don't qualify. This also means we reserve the right to, if we deem it necessary, monitor any and all communications that take place on this MUCK. Hopefully this will not ever be necessary, but you never know.

In other words, be good.

Addendum 1: In character use of force, coercion, or supernatural persuasive ability to initiate a role-played sexual encounter, without the prior, explicit, out of character consent of the player or players whose characters are to be forced, coerced, or supernaturally persuaded, is prohibited.

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