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An online role-playing experience from the darker side of human imagination. 6010

Twilight MUCK (a variant of MUD, a multi-user online role-playing game) is a departure from the normal "social" and "furry" type of MUCK. It is an RP-intensive MUCK set in a modern to postmodern city in the northeastern United States. All the city's inhabitants appear to be human.

Lurking under the surface, between the cracks, and around the corners, the beings of human myth and legend lurk. That old man sitting at the end of the bar at Flynn's tavern may actually be a Faerie. The eccentric young lady climbing the statue in Talbot Park might be one of the Malkavians, a race of vampires touched by madness. The good samaritan who helped save you from that mugger may be your guardian angel. When the moon is full, the couple who live down the hall could become werewolves. And Mayor Jane Greye herself may be a lot older than anyone suspects.

When you join our world, you can select your persona. Are you one of the humans? A hunter, sent to extinguish the vampires lurking in the halls of MacRallia Tower? A curious student with, perhaps, an investigative skill that might prove to be too good? A new divorcee, trying to make a fresh start in the city, only to become a pawn of darker forces?

Or are you one of the Awakened creatures? A human mage, secretly recovering the long-lost arcane arts? A vampire, working with your fellow Kindred to wage war on your common enemies? A fallen angel, out of favor with the gods and trying to redeem yourself? A werewolf, seeking others of your kind in the heart of the city? A Fae, trying to break the humans' mental restraints that lock them into an existence devoid of magic? A wererat, lurking in the sewers, listening quietly to the secrets whispered in dark places, and selling them to whoever is willing to pay the price?

The choice is yours.

Information on the MUCK, the clans and species within, and information on how to play on the MUCK are contained here.

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