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Please note that the following pages are almost verbatim from their original posts on the Clan Information Board on Twilight. A few changes were made (such as program numbers in how-to-set-yourself-up info), and some small items were left out (posts that need to be deleted, message numbers, extraneous information that has nothing to do with the muck, the theme, the clan), but the information itself is fairly complete. Items in Bold Type are the message titles, and can be searched for on the muck, in the Clan Information Center (OGA,South), by typing: read title ... where "title" is the name of the message you are researching. Spelling and punctuation have not been altered, and the formatting has been changed to an attempt at standardization.

Please also note that information posted by people who have since left the muck remains on the board. Other people might want to pick up where the other folk left off.

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Last Updated on 10 February 1999
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